Passion of the Christ is Worth a Watch


When it was first released, The Passion of the Christ movie met a lot of criticisms as an anti- Semitic horror flick/ pornography with a lot of splattering blood and torture.  This is not the case with the Christian community and other right-minded people.

The actors did the movie in original Aramaic, with a little English as subtitles.  Such makes the movie enjoyable by itself since it decorates it with emotions that the person watching will not avoid, hence getting more the subject.  Many people are probably familiar with the story-line and hence reading the subtitles won’t distract you at all.  On the contrary, you will keep paying more attention and the more you will do, the more you get to realize important unfolding turns on the movie.

The main things in the movie are the accounts of the New Testament Gospel that narrate the events that happened to the time Christ was crucified.  Though most evangelical Christians advice people that it is a must watch movie, parents shouldn’t let their young children watch this.  Often in the film, passion is decorated with more violence, making the passion violent.  This calls for explanation to 16 years old before they can watch the movie.

It is clear from the start that there are bad things about to happen, as Jesus of Nazareth prays at the Garden of Gethsemane that he may be delivered by God, His Father.  There is a satanic figure lurking in the shadows, making the series of the temptations and doubts vivid.  The satanic figure gives out a message that the thing about one man bearing the sin of the world is too much and impossible.  All these temptations didn’t make Jesus give in, and the disciple Judas arrives to betray him to the many guards.

He is then lead by the guard in chains to meet the high priest.  The leading priests and teachers of the law keep asking him questions which he affirms that he is indeed the Son of God.  When they heard this, they mock him in contempt, hit him and spit on him.  There being a judge call Pilate, they take him to him hoping that he was going to be killed there.

Though Pilate finds no fault in him, he had him hit with a whip.  This was an opening of a lack of empathy page, where Jesus is brutally beaten.  If you don’t stop the movie at that position, you won’t till he is crucified.

Mel Gibson’s use of flashback is creative and it takes the audience back to the life of Jesus as a kid.  This movie as not made it to the top among the Christian movies but as a whole.  It is not a must that you become a Christian to believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah sent to the world, you may do, and the movie will make sense to you about the Passion of God. For more information please click here.



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